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Running The Numbers: What's The Real Cost Of Your Workout?

http://www.maxworkoutsreviews.com Im really into boxing. Name:Shaun Rai Occupation:Financial consultant Family status: Married with one child Typical workout:Rai boxes twice a week in a boxing gym (70% of the time alone, 15% of the time with a trainer, and 15% of the time with a class), goes road biking twice a week, and runs on a beach and in parks (while incorporating bursts of push-ups, squats and plyometrics) twice a week. Workout costs:Boxing gym fee, which includes classes ($125/month), trainer ($60/hour), gloves ($150), jumprope ($50), shoes ($75), and three pairs of hand wraps ($15), road bike ($2,100), biking shorts, jerseys, gloves and leg warmers ($600), bike helmet ($125), bike shoes ($200) Math:$5,715 total per year/312 total workouts per year Cost per workout:$18.32 I do free yoga and go for walks with my dog. Name: Amy Miles Location: Huntington Station, New York Occupation: Vet assistant Family status: Married with three kids Typical workout: Miles practices yoga three times a week by watching free online videos on sites like YouTube, and she either walks or jogs while taking her dog outside five times a week. Workout costs: Yoga mat ($25) Math: $25 per year/416 workouts per year Cost per workout: $.06 Occupation:Senior marketing associate (financial services) Family status:Married Typical workout:Kaminski goes to Barrys Bootcamp class once a week, does strength training with a personal trainer twice a week, does cardio at her gym or outdoors four times a week, and uses one fitness DVD at home (either Bob Harper Yoga or Jillian Michaels Trouble Zones) once every other week. Workout costs:Bootcamp ($30 per class), personal training ($35 per session), gym membership ($74 per month), DVDs ($30 for both), Garmin sports watch ($160), four pairs of dumbbells ($60), resistance bands ($25), boxing wraps ($15) Math:$6,378 per year/442 workouts per year Cost per workout:$14.43 I play a lot of team sports. Name:Jonathan Samuels Location:New York, New York Occupation:Physician (rheumatologist) Family status:Married with twins Typical workout:Every week Samuels goes for two runs outside and does three strength-training workouts in his apartments complimentary gym. He plays basketball 18 times a year, tennis 18 times a year, and softball 12 times a year. Plus, he rides his bike 40 times a year. Workout costs:Runs and strength-training workouts (free), basketball ($200), tennis ($550), softball ($160), bike and bike helmet ($350).
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/learnvest/2013/08/02/running-the-numbers-whats-the-real-cost-of-your-workout/2/

Workouts you can do in front of the television

"It is similar to Bill Squires' surges during a long run, providing intensity but taking away the monotony of a normal tempo session." WHO: Barry Migliorini, high school coach of Nick Arciniaga WHAT: Outbound mile repeats with set start times, plus extra mileage heading home WHY: Practice running sub-race pace WHEN: Every other Monday during cross country season, alternating with repeat 800s. THE DETAILS: Migliorini, whose high-mileage methods stirred up controversy when he was the coach of Fountain Valley High School (Fountain Valley, Calif.), coached three Foot Locker finalists before moving on to become the basketball coach at Cal State Los Angeles. In this workout, his athletes would warm up for 1 mile, then run repeat miles away from the school, each starting where the other finished. They did between one and nine of them, depending on the week of the season. The workout did not have a specified rest interval; instead, it was geared off his No. 1 runner, with all runners starting the next repeat at the same time. After the repeats, they would run back to the school at a steady pace.
Source: http://www.runnersworld.com/workouts/coaches-choice-workouts

But apparently that is not always the case. Georgia defensive lineman Garrison Smith revels how drastically the summer workouts have changed from his freshman year to his senior season. Smith also talks about who will be the next Adrian Peterson in the Bulldogs backfield. (Hint it is not who you expect.)
Source: http://insider.espn.go.com/blog/colleges/georgia/post/_/id/19502/video-tougher-workouts-at-uga

Donavanik recommends alternating upper and lower body moves: Start with push-ups, then squats, then tricep dips, then lunges. Finish with crunches. Keep cycling through these five exercises for the entire 30-minute show. RELATED: 3 Things Standing Between You and Perfect Health Strengthen Your Arms Without Ever Leaving the Couch Tricep dips tone the muscles on the backside of your upper arms, Donavanik says, and the only piece of equipment you need is a sturdy piece of furniture. Position your hands on the couch on either side of your hips, and scoot your bottom off the edge of your seat. Your legs should be bent, with your feet placed hip-width apart on the floor. Slowly bend your elbows and lower your upper body until your arms are at a 90-degree angle (keep your back close to the couch).
Source: http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/5-great-workouts-while-watching-tv-223100645.html

5 Great Workouts You Can Do While Watching TV

Keep your ears, shoulders and hips in one line. Step 2 Engage your stomach muscles, breath in and lower your nose so it almost touches the ground. As you breathe out, lift yourself back up to the start position. Step 3 Rotate onto one side so all your weight is on one arm and both feet. Hold for one second, then return to the start position.
Source: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health-fitness/workouts-you-can-do-in-front-of-the-television/story-fneuzle5-1226688946695

Weekend-only workouts bring set of risks

Plus you'll feel alive again - until Monday rolls around. But using physical recreation as a weekends-only reward comes with its own set of risks. Skimping on weekday workouts leaves muscles stiff and poorly conditioned for weekend performance, so you're far more likely to get injured. Intermittent exercise quickly increases the risk of a muscle strain or ligament tear. Joints can easily be injured without the proper warm-up during the week. Repetitive stress injuries like plantar fasciitis or shin splints can occur, putting you in a walking boot for weeks. A little bit of preparation goes a long way.
Source: http://www.sfgate.com/health/article/Weekend-only-workouts-bring-set-of-risks-4696474.php

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